We born in 1981.

Ours is an established concern run by seasoned technicians and formulators with a 30-year expertise
and coming from reputable companies in the field of polyurethane elastomers and rubber.

Our primary objective lies in the development and production of technical elastomer parts,
such as, for example, special cylinder coatings, wheels, suction cups, seals and technical articles.
These parts are often used in systems that expose them to chemical and thermal aggression
as well as to considerable dynamic stress.


RUBBER coatings


Expertise sectors

Graphics and printing industries require coatings able to withstand different classes of solvents[polar, hydrocarbon (aromatic or aliphatic), chlorinated, alcohol, etc.] with simple yet extremely precise surface finishing.

In metallurgical, paper conversion, and textile industries the working conditions for elastomer components are critical
because they are frequently exposed to high temperatures. In this casa, high resistance to abrasion is required.